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bull high-end surge protector power strip

anti-surge technology

your understanding life partner —— bull anti-surge technology can prevent seven major malfunctions caused by surge.

flickering screen
short-life battery
missing data
slow working & improper restart
functional failure
burnt circuit

short-life battery

flickering screen which endangers eyesight

damage caused by surge

overload prevention

smart overload preventing chip:
warning you with blue flash and beep that last for 15 seconds,
helping you get rid of forced power outage from now on.
perhaps it is not a pleasant sound, but a reminder for your safety.

we suggest your checking the power strip regularly.
please replace if the surge protector is failed (which means it's successfully blocked an extremely strong current).

micro switch

short distance, quieter sound, fine texture, long service life.
delicate design of separate control and cutting off the power with one press,
meeting demands for personalized power consumption.

new national safety standards

advanced combustion retarding technology, providing improved safety,
better quality and more carefree use.

new national safety standards

better electrical conductivity , less heat generation.
note: 33%-widened wire core is only designed for 10a power strips
with a length under 5 meters.

new national safety standards

preventing children from inserting metal objects such as keys
into the power strip by mistake.

automatically recognizing your various devices to provide an optimal charging solution.
the charm of bull’s technology is beyond words.

our innovative technologies assure hundreds of millions of chinese
families of a safe and comfortable environment for using electricity!

exquisite craftwork of cd-pattern surface metallic texture of aluminum alloy panel.
specially for creating hi-tech products with a stunning exterior.


bull high-end surge
protector power strip

product model


full length

3 m

rated voltage


maximum current


maximum power